ESE is your professional partner in international mobility.

We specialise in relieving companies of the critical mobility care international employees require when relocating to work in Western Europe. Whether dispensing financial or practical advice, ESE provides comprehensive, professional services to employees of international companies.

‘Pointing you in the right direction’ is our motto. Life in a foreign country with a new environment and an unfamiliar culture: it’s a major change! It’s quite complex; no one should underestimate a move like this.
We’ve built up the necessary expertise and experience that comes with having worked with expats for years. After operating in a partnership for several years, in 2018 we decided to continue independently under the name Expat Solutions Europe. We specialise in the individual preparation, arrival and accommodation of international employees in the Netherlands, as well as other parts of Western Europe. Our team is made up of enthusiastic employees, each with his or her own specialism. In addition, we can draw on a powerful network that comprises a select group of skilled, independent entrepreneurs.

All these services are discreetly implemented to ensure employees’ safety and privacy. Through our website’s secure environment, we offer customised services that specifically cater to the company or the employee. That’s why our clients have a personal account to access their services and contact details directly.

Foreign employees, primarily in management, who relocate to work in
the Netherlands or other parts of Western Europe can, in consultation with their employer, benefit from ESE’s assistance. We compile a package of our services which takes into account: the employee’s country of origin, familiarity with the new environment and the composition of his/her family.